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KidsQuest Children's Museum

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit children's museum located in downtown Bellevue that serves children and their families all over western Washington. Through our museum exhibits and our outreach programs, KidsQuest Children's Museum creates learning through the power of play and exploration that connects children to their communities and the world.

What We Do

Whole Family Learning
We support and encourage learning that engages the whole family – children, their parents and their broader family– and offers opportunities for children and adults to learn together, about themselves and each other.  Understanding that each individual learns differently, our exhibits and programs meet the needs of different age groups and learning styles.

Innovation and Leading Edge Learning
We use emerging research and studies in early childhood education and family support to develop creative programs and exhibits.  We practice flexibility and, when appropriate, risk-taking to capitalize on our strengths, resources and opportunities to serve our community.

Patron Focus
We place the highest value on our patrons who support our organization and help us accomplish our mission.  We respect and appreciate their cultural, social and economic diversity, as well as their unique abilities and contributions.

We are committed to providing exhibits and programming that are accessible to our entire community, while providing age appropriate challenges and growth opportunities for the cognitive, physical, and emotional development stages of all children.  We honor and intentionally design diversity into our programming so that our Museum is a reflection of our community.

Community Building and Partnership
We strive to be a trusted community resource for the education of children, their families and our community.  Through collaboration and cooperation with public and private partnerships we accomplish more together.