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Washington Women In Need

Who We Are

Vision: Our vision is that every woman has a clear path in which to achieve her desired potential and enrich her world.

Mission: To provide health and education grants to low-income women in Washington to help them improve their lives.


  • Empowerment with accountability — Taking initiative as well as accepting responsibility for the consequences of our actions.

  • Respect with kindness — Seeing the potential in each person and behaving in an encouraging manner toward everyone who touches the organization.

  • Accessibility — WWIN is accessible to all without regard to race, religion, age, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability.

  • Stewardship — WWIN commits to responsible planning and efficient management of resources so that we can sustain our ability to drive long-term impact in our community.

What We Do

Washington Women in Need believes in the power of determined women to transform their lives and the course of their families’ lives for generations to come. We address a deep need in society, providing women a hand up to improve their futures, in turn, strengthening their families and our societies as a whole.

We make financial grants to low-income women in Washington State who are ready for transformational change in two categories: Education and Health Care.

  • Education Grants remove a financial barrier to low-income students seeking higher education. Grantees receive a one-time Grant that they may use for tuition, mandatory fees, and required books and supplies at accredited Washington colleges and universities.

  • Health Care Grants ensure access to health care services. Grantees receive a one-time Grant that they may use with the health care provider of their choice.


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